Shoe-Lock - Mechanical shoe closures for better experience

Shoe-Lock - Stop The Mess With Your ShoeLace

What is Shoe-Lock ?

Shoe-Lock is a mechanical shoe lock that will make your shoes very easy to put on and take off.
Insert your existing laces through Shoe-Lock holes and viola! - your shoes just got insanely easy to wear. Shoe-Lock is a patent pending mechanical buckle system specially designed to fit your shoes. It will make your shoes fast and easy to put on and take off.

No tying, no squeezing, no floppy hitches.
When the Shoe-Lock are split open you have a big opening to easily slip into your shoes. Then just pull the two pieces together and you are done.
When you want to take your shoes off, unlock the plates - it will split open and you have that wide open shoe again. Furthermore, Shoe-Lock actually make your shoes look better by using your own laces but eliminating the ugly hitch.


Unique frame design that lets you Wear / Take off your shoes in seconds.
No more messy laces around your shoes.
No more wasting time tying your shoe laces.
Wear / Take off your shoes in seconds.
Beautiful design - upgrade your shoe look.

No more wasting time tying your shoelaces - save 6 hours annually - see how:

Material Plastic PC-ABS

Strong Light-Weight and Durable - Shoe-Lock is made from 100% PC-ABS Plastic Material.
Weight is just 0.15 Oz (4 gram).
Injected in different beautiful colours.
Unique technology - Shoe-Lock is manufactured using injection mould for accurate, clean, polished finishing


Upgrade your shoes look by using Shoe-Lock - they are very beautiful and well designed
Choose from 10 different colours to fit to any shoe style / colour.

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